Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I see green..

Hello - the new BzBody Fitness website is under construction, and there are many new, fun, informational areas for you to enjoy. There will be more video/picture content and Q&A for you to take advantage of.  But with all this improvement, there comes a need for patience, and as you already know - I'm running low on that!

In the meantime, the workouts continue - the Bootcamps keep running, and healthy food is still being consumed.  The show must go on...

Many people are interested in the right kind of food, or what "super" foods are, and how to incorporate them into a meal, or daily intake.  Just think of color, and you will be on the road to adding "super" foods to your diet.  The more colors you add, the more variety you will get.  So, red: peppers, radishes, tomatoes, beans, onions, cabbage.. Green: Spinach, romaine, celery, beans, peas, broccoli, asparagus.. Yellow: peppers, squash, zucchini, quinoa, cous cous.  You get the idea - You'll find there are not a lot of items that come in a can, bag, or box that will have the variety you are looking to get.  So, spend some time in the grocery store finding these items, and be creative.  A salad is one of the best ways to get a majority of them in.  Take a look at this salad:  can you spot @ 5 colors?

Now, just build each of your meals around colors, and soon you will find you are eating more natural, and flavorful!  Skip the salt & use fresh herbs and spices to jazz up your taste buds. 

Here is another meal that is loaded with vitamins, nutrients, variety, vegetables, and whole grains - Oh- and low-fat organic Chicken sausage, over quinoa.  Any other protein source would be great in this stir fry- shrimp, strips of steak, etc.. 

Your feedback is much appreciated!  Let me know what great things you are doing to improve yourself.  

Talk to you soon~