Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Good Plan for 2013

As 2012 comes to a close, a plan for good health appears 
in front of our nose. 
Tis' the season for fabulous drinks and rich food, all of which gives us a sad, sluggish mood.
When what to our wondering eyes should appear... 
but 10 extra pounds on our hips & our rear!  
Start dancing and prancing to gluteals of steel, 
 and let 2013 be your greatest reveal!  

It is probably safe to say that most, if not all of us have overindulged in some way during the past 2 months. All with the promise to restart in the new year, or vow to stick to some unrealistic resolutions.  It is a vicious cycle that causes us to lose motivation and revert back to the bad habits that got us here in the first place! Yet, even worse, can force us to take extreme measures to find traction..

Why do we do this to ourselves?  It is crazy, so STOP it and STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

Today is NOW - our CURRENT existence is our REALITY - We must DEAL WITH IT!  If we don't like what that is, only WE can CHANGE it.  Decide today if you want/need a change and commit to yourself to see it through.

So what and how are we going to start to improve? Here are some easy ideas that may strike a chord.   
  • detox or cleanse
  • fasting 
  • supplements
  • HIIT - high intensity interval training
  • Yoga
  • Meditation, guided imagery
  • de-clutter -not just your closet

You can jump start your metabolism, get your organs cleansed, and rid your diet of toxins all naturally, without any harmful effects. After days, months or even small intervals of excessive consumption, these cleanses will help digestion and natural elimination of waste.

Remember that we can take any of these to extreme levels - that is NOT recommended.  I hope we read through it, find a few things that are doable, and get you energized.

** Read through these and adapt for your lifestyle and comfort level.

Cayenne Pepper Cleanse
10 Ways to Detoxify Your Body | Gaiam Life
Become a minimalist - Declutter your life

Stay tuned for..
- tips and supplement information
 such as:  L-Carnatine, Chromium Picolinate, MSM
- Intense, but short duration workouts designed to be done anywhere, anytime with little or no   equipment 
- group support

Now get jumping and squatting and move with some hustle,  say no to those cookies and build up some muscle!

And lastly, some humor to keep it all real..


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the 6th day Of fitness I give to you:

10 jump squats
10 tricep dips
10 jump lunges
10 commando push-ups
15 V sits
10 surfer jumps
10 tricep pushup jacks

Sunday, December 16, 2012

On the 8th day of FITNESS

I give to you:
10 jump squats
10 tricep dips
10 jump lunges
10 commando push-ups
15 v sits

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get me in your ear, right here!

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Are you getting closer or further away from your goals?

Every time you make a decision is it helping or hindering progress? It can be with work, family, friends, house and fitness- it doesn't matter what the subject is, the question posed still applies.. Does this get me closer to my goals? If you cannot answer it or say no, then choose better!

It takes about 5% effort to create positive changes. 5% is:
Getting up 10 minutes earlier
Drinking an extra glass of H20/ day
Greeting somebody with a smile
Opening the door for somebody
Doing five more push-ups
Taking a deep breath when feeling stressed

You can change your whole entire day, outlook, and attitude with VERY LITTLE EFFORT!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On twitter!

Getting techy, or at least trying.. Hoping to have an efficient & effective way to stay connected & get the latest out there!

Monday, September 10, 2012

What can you do without even trying?

It is amazing how we think of all the things that need to be done in a day, the ongoing to-do list, the calls, emails, and posts that need to be responded to.. It is easy to exhaust ourselves just comprehending the array of "things" we are responsible for. 

How cool is it that we have autonomic systems in our body that perform critical functions every second, that work without effort, and have more importance than we can even describe -  and yet they don't get tired, complain, or become defiant? (like some of us who have to do things we don't want to, or are tedious!)

Have you ever thought about the speed of a nerve impulse, the process of digestion, or the muscles it takes to talk, swallow, laugh, or move?  We don't have to tell our lungs to expand, bring oxygen into the alveoli, exchange the carbon dioxide and exhale, or our eyes to blink. Yet it happens every single second of the day.

Check out this link to see some remarkable stats.
Cool Heart Rate Facts
Let that be your inspiration to get strong, be more efficient, and strive for optimal fitness and functioning, as to live longer and healthier!

The MyFitness Pal app available to smart phones & now the iPad is just one of many tools that will help you on a quest to be accountable and gain knowledge in the weight management arena.

If you are interested in putting some effort in, supporting your autonomic systems and getting fit in a fast, effective & efficient way, then try this:

Hope to see YOU in a class soon ~

Friday, August 17, 2012

What is sweat?

Sweat is just your fat crying, so let the sobbing begin.

      Fat Burner Boot camp 
21 days to a leaner, fitter you

Find out what its all about -
Tuesday, September 4 6:00 pm
Poor Richards - Bloomington
494 & Hwy 100

RSVP to -

Friday, August 3, 2012

Are you going for the GOLD? Do you Cathect?

Have you caught Olympic fever?  It's hard not to see, read, or hear something about the games in London, and not be impressed, or awed by the athletes abilities and fetes that are conquered in each event. The bitter disappointment in goals not reached, losses by one hundredths of a second, mental errors or just simple mistakes are unfortunately more prominent, but make the wins that much more amazing!

Do the Olympics get you inspired?

Do you, or did you ever think you might have what it takes to be a Gold Medal winner? Or do you think that the athletes are some type of anomaly, special creation, or just lucky?

What does it take to be the best, beat out everyone in your field, outshine the competition, keep the title, and perform at 110% each and every time?

We all have it inside of us:  drive, passion, skill, talent, excitement, obsession, you may even call it ATTITUDE.  No matter what you name it, it has life, and the potential to make you do something!

Take that initiative and go for it!

The following are common characteristics of successful people - from athletes, to business moguls:
  1. FOCUS - laser vision on the goal - direct line from point A to Winning!
  2. CONFIDENCE- setting realistic goals that you know you are capable of
  3. DETERMINATION - having the will to keep forward motion, striving for success
  4. TENACITY - getting on the path every day, and never wavering from the plan
  5. NO EXCUSES - be accountable. Problem solve and do not create obstacles
  6. CONSISTENCY- EVERY day and EVERY action has the same Reach the Goal
  7. POSITIVE ATTITUDE - looking ahead with excitement, seeing each step as a new day & having pride in your progress
  8. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT- Read it, Learn it, Live it, Love it, over and over, and over until it can be done in your sleep, and without question - perfecting each step along the way
Success can not happen without a written plan, so - WRITE IT DOWN!
Having a visual word, phrase, list, etc that is accessible in many places will re-enforce the plan.
Take time to be concise in the goal setting and planning.
Make action steps into a checklist.
Get busy!

Whenever any negative feeling comes knocking, STOP IMMEDIATELY and go to the list - see your progress, and look ahead to the next step, and start moving in that direction.

So ask yourself, do you have a goal, do you have a plan, do you have a reason to be better than mediocre?

Yes you DO!
 GO FOR IT - your GOLD MEDAL is just a plan away!

The word of the day:
cathect  \ kuh-THEKT \  , verb;
To invest emotion or feeling in an idea, object, or another person.

Use this word in a sentence today when talking about your plan.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Tips to Eating Clean

There is a vast array of information and products aimed at "clean", "natural", "organic", "healthy" ways to eating. Taking small steps, and trying something new is a great way to gradually improve your eating habits. This list will give you some basic ideas.

10 Tips To Eating Clean

Start today & make it your summer goal to commit to these rules!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Make it memorable w/ this workout:

Memorial Day Workout

See you Soon!

Monday, May 21, 2012

6 weeks to the Fittest Summer!

Summer Bootcamp

You can still get in the action & fun - Bootcamp is running right now & the new summer Session will start June 9.  Early am's & evenings, as well as Saturday mornings available. 
Now is the time to try it & get hooked, or push yourself to the next goal!

A variety of tools & challenges keeps the workouts exciting and challenging.  These classes are for ANYONE & EVERYONE - you put into it what you want to get out of it!