Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Instructions on Being Grateful..

Thank you: Mind/Body Green writer Tina Williamson -

Albert Einstein famously declared that "there are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
This post is a friendly reminder to all those out there whose viewfinders of life have become smudged, preventing us from seeing all the miracles in life. There are many reasons to clean your viewfinders: gratitude improves health, happiness, spirituality, connection, relationships, self worth and simply gives life intense meaning. Why wait until you get bad news to revaluate and appreciate the good things in your life?

Here are a few things you may have forgotten to be grateful for today:
1. The magic of being human
You are lucky to be human. Not only are we blessed with many comforts, but we are also the only species that can contemplate our own spiritual development. To be able to ponder our existence and the mysteries of the universe is truly remarkable! You could have been born many things: an insect, a fish or a bird. Even though we humans endure hardships, the animal kingdom faces unimaginable suffering.
2. The kindness of the world.
Everywhere you look there is kindness. Before your next meal, stop and consider all the work and kindness that enabled you to enjoy this meal. Contemplate the mother who raised the farmer, the farmer who grew your food, and the truck driver who delivered it to your town. Take time to truly express gratitude for your food, shelter, water and luxuries. Without the kindness of others, you would not be enjoying any of these things.
3. The fact that life is in a constant state of flux
We might think, Huh? I'm not happy about change. I don't want to age or say goodbye to loved ones. But if we don't change, we can't grow, and if we don't grow, we aren't really living. Could you imagine if nothing ever changed? You'd be stuck the same person, with the same habits – for eternity. Stop fighting against change and instead be thankful for its refreshing opportunities. Life flows and because everything is in a constant state of flux, we have the absolute power to rewrite our story anytime we choose.
4. Your breath
Breath is energy, flowing endlessly, and carrying you from then to now to tomorrow. Breath is the thread that ties all your fears, happiness, love, relationships and truths together. Your breath is the music of the passage of time. Tune in, listen carefully and quietly, bridge the connection between merely existing and really living. Say to yourself: Today I will breathe deep and be thankful.
5. Love
The world is built on love. Love is on the main act on the grand stage of your life. Love can make you feel like you’re a part of something special and meaningful. Love can make you high, pick you up and make you feel like never coming down. Love your family, pets, friends, siblings, co-workers, community and strangers too. Even love those who aren’t easy to love. And most of all don’t forget to love mother earth; for it is mother earth who houses us all.
Even if your life isn't perfect (and here's a secret: it will never be perfect), you still have a lot for which you can be grateful. So everyday remember to take the time to smile, laugh and truly say thanks for all the small and big joys in your life.
 ** And of course I would add:
6. BOOT CAMP & BZBODYFITNESS!!  You know why, if not you should!
No explanation needed..

In the comments below please add to this list, what else do you think we are forgetting to be grateful for today?

Monday, September 9, 2013

So you want to be a hottie?

Well.. Not such a stretch goal for today with the temps reaching 97°! Add in the heat index along with some hills, pull ups, hurdles, medicine balls and you have a sweat storm of hotties! Who knew it was so easy?
Take advantage of natures sauna: your core temp is already elevated, so warm ups are less necessary, muscles are more pliable, so the flexibility part is enhanced, plus it's organic! 
The main concern/caution is HYDRATION! To prevent dehydration, you need to be drinking water all day, before class, during, and most importantly after. The rule is 16 oz for every pound lost during activity. So.. If you weighed in prior to class and then after, we could calculate the necessary amount to replenish. Try it! This rule applies even on cooler days.

Fall comes with the promise of more comfortable temps, making burpees and push-ups much more palatable! Speaking of palates- did you know your nutrition is 80% of the formula to fitness/health success? Shocked, well I'll teach you the how, what, when and why's with this new program:

{Fall Transformation} It starts soon- an 8 wk program guaranteeing a new & improved you for 2014. More information coming soon.
So become a hottie this week at Bootcamp, and take your first step to transforming to a svelt, sizzlin' you for the fall!