Monday, September 9, 2013

So you want to be a hottie?

Well.. Not such a stretch goal for today with the temps reaching 97°! Add in the heat index along with some hills, pull ups, hurdles, medicine balls and you have a sweat storm of hotties! Who knew it was so easy?
Take advantage of natures sauna: your core temp is already elevated, so warm ups are less necessary, muscles are more pliable, so the flexibility part is enhanced, plus it's organic! 
The main concern/caution is HYDRATION! To prevent dehydration, you need to be drinking water all day, before class, during, and most importantly after. The rule is 16 oz for every pound lost during activity. So.. If you weighed in prior to class and then after, we could calculate the necessary amount to replenish. Try it! This rule applies even on cooler days.

Fall comes with the promise of more comfortable temps, making burpees and push-ups much more palatable! Speaking of palates- did you know your nutrition is 80% of the formula to fitness/health success? Shocked, well I'll teach you the how, what, when and why's with this new program:

{Fall Transformation} It starts soon- an 8 wk program guaranteeing a new & improved you for 2014. More information coming soon.
So become a hottie this week at Bootcamp, and take your first step to transforming to a svelt, sizzlin' you for the fall!