Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walk The Line

Do you know how to "walk the line"?  Do you know where the line is, and how close you are to it? Are you really pushing yourself to the limit?  How do you know?

In everything you do, there are parameters that keep you on track and in line. Especially when it comes to working out. The line can shift each day, workout, minute, second, but you have to know where that is precisely each time!

With people/work/family, you can read their faces, body language, or hear their verbal feedback to know if you are walking the line, or crossing over.

With exercise, that line is more fluid- like a mirage, you can see it, but not sure exactly how close you are to it, but know it is there. Too often we proceed very cautiously, avoid approaching to abruptly, and sometimes just stay away from it completely!
Where does that leave us?

There is a time and place for those kinds of workouts - you can do them at home, on your leisure, with your family and for FUN. To get serious results, and feel like you accomplished a huge goal you need to get OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and into MENTAL MUSCLE MADNESS..

If you finish a timed interval where you are to PUSH, to a MAX effort for a SHORT amount of time, and you feel like you can do more, then YOU DID NOT WALK THE LINE.. You were only gazing toward it.  You should feel like you can no longer do 1 second of that activity, or you'll spew at the mouth (either bad words, or worse yet, blauughh..(you know what))..

NOBODY wants to cross the line, purposely, but tip toeing and balancing on the edge is OK!

Try this and see what that means for you.
                    **Complete as many rounds as you can in the designated time ** Use a timer **

                                                        Round 1 - 4:00 Minutes

10   Strict Mountain Climbers
          Plank, jump foot to the same hand, gracefully landing, and switch- 10 each leg)

20  Bicycle Abs
         Hands interlaced behind head - slowly extend leg out, while elbow touches opposite knee           switch - exhale when you touch your elbow - 10 each way

10  Froggers
        In plank position, hands narrow- jump feet forward to the outside of hands, land on WHOLE   foot, lift hands off floor to knee height - chest is up, glutes are LOW.. place hands back down and jump back and forth again.. repeat 10 X

10 Commando Push UPs
        Start in the down position - hands wide, push WHOLE BODY up to plank pull knee to the chest. Leg goes out, lay down to FLOOR, repeat - 5 on each leg.
    *modification - on knees - pull knee to chest in up position & lay down

                                                 Round 2 - 3:00 Minutes
5 Star Bursts
    start low, hands down to floor, around knees - explode off ground - send arms & legs out to 4 point star jump, land softly feet, knees together, low

10 Crab Kicks
    Opposite hand reaches for toe, hips up, lift leg high, reach *mod-keep hips down

15 Jump, Jump, Jump
    5 knee tucks, 5 glute kickers, 5 pencil

20 Rotating Planks
    on elbows or hands, feet hip width - reach arm up to ceiling as you rotate at waist 10 each way- straight arms and tight legs


If you can do this comfortably, then you didn't push to the MAX.. do it again, or next time go bigger!
Record how you felt after each exercise, round, and how many completed rounds you did.  If you are monitoring your Heart Rate (as you should).. Record that as well.

Feel free to post your results here..