Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How is the Challenge going?

Come on now, don't say to yourself - I just got the email 2 days ago.. What better time than RIGHT NOW to make a difference in your day?   You've had 2-3 breakfasts' since then, did you choose wisely?  It can be as simple as replacing your big brand Peanut Butter, with natural, organic (refrigerated) PB - save not only sugar, but sodium and calories!

How about lunch - did you replace that sandwich w/ a salad- throw in some extra vegies - cut back on the creamy dressing, cheese, and high fat toppings?

Most importantly, what did you choose for snacks during that horror hour we all experience around 2:00 or 3:00?  If you try chewing gum, drinking some water or having vegies & fruit instead of a vending machine snack, or other packaged products, you'll make it to dinner without guilt!  Know where and what the triggers are for sabotage, and avoid them at all costs!

Now get onto your journal- write your items down, or log onto this fabulous site that will do it for you:


I'll be back next week to make up for the lost time!  See your email for homework - come back prepared to report on your progress!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend we have in store - get out and get lots of fresh air, by huffing and puffing!

Leave me any questions/concerns/requests you may have regarding your path to your fitness goals.